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 Registration Information 2008-2009


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   821 Kalihi St., Honolulu, HI  96819 
   Ph. 832-3130


Kalakaua Middle School strives to prepare students 
to be productive members of society.


The Kalakaua Middle School community assumes res-
ponsibility for creating a learning environment 
that recognizes, challenges, and fulfills the 
unique academic, social, and emotional needs of 
adolescents to help them achieve their highest 

The essential goals of standards-based learning 
for students in all grade levels:

GLO 1: Self-Directed Learner
 Takes responsibility for one's own learning	
GLO 2: Community Contributor
 Understands that people must work together
GLO 3: Complex Thinker
 Engages in complex thinking and problem-

GLO 4: Quality Producer
 Recognizes and produces quality work

GLO 5: Effective Communicator
 Communicates effectively in all situations

GLO 6: Effective and Ethical User of Technology
 Uses technology effectively and ethically


 Registration for the coming year is done in December. 
 Schedule pickup and payment of school fees is done 
 in July. An informational letter will be mailed home 
 before the start of the new school year.


 All entering 6th, 7th, and 8th graders must live in the 
 Kalakaua Middle School district. If you do not reside in
 our district and wish to apply to Kalakaua, 
 a Request for Geographic Exception (GE) application 
 form must be submitted to the school. Forms are avail-
 able at any public school, and must be submitted to 
 the Kalakaua Middle School by March 1st. If there 
 are any questions regarding your school district, 
 please call the Kalakaua Registrar's office at 


 Students entering school must have had a recent 
 physical examination and a tuberculin test within 
 the past year. 
 State law requires the following immunizations:   polio, 
 tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, 
 or an updating of the necessary information.All students 
 who are entering school from a foreign country  will not 
 be  allowed  to  register  without  first  obtaining  a 
 tuberculin test or chest x-ray clearance.


In order for a student to be promoted to the  next 
grade level, the student must pass English,  math, 
social studies, and science.  In addition, a total 
of three elective units must be earned between the 
sixth and the eighth grades.


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 Daily Bulletin

GENERAL PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS GRADE 6 REQUIREMENTS English / Language Arts Reading Mathematics Math Workshop Social Studies Science One Elective GRADE 7 REQUIREMENTS English / Language Arts Reading Mathematics Math Workshop Social Studies Science One Elective GRADE 8 REQUIREMENTS English / Language Arts Reading Mathematics Math Workshop Social Studies Science One Elective ELECTIVE COURSES OFFERED Grade 6 Electives: EXPLORATORY WHEEL INTRO TO BAND Grade 7 Electives: EXPLORATORY WHEEL BEGINNING BAND Grade 8 Electives: EXPLORATORY WHEEL INTERMEDIATE BAND (needs teacher recommendation) LEADERSHIP TRAINING (needs counselor recommendation) Students requiring ESLL (English for Second Language Learners) services will be placed in an ESLL class instead of an elective choice. Note: All courses offered are dependent on Master Schedule needs and available resources, and therefore subject to change.